Every ammavasiai is celebrated with lacks and lacks of divotees, God Angalamman was placed in Oonjal, Prayer songs and slogams sang by the divotees of Angalamman. this takes every man to the heaven, releived from stress by the God Angalamman, Come to Melmalayanur

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

most important date for prayer is Ammavasai in every month


  1. Angalamman Temple in Melamalayanur is one of the famous and oldest in history with many wonders for those who whole heartedly belive.

    if you face continuous problem or stressed life, all you have to do is believe on Angalamman and come to the land of her place Melmalayanur, which will give you lot of relief for all your past dipression

    Q and A
    1.you may ask where the temle is actually located?

    temple of her is located in Melmalayanur

    2.how to reach melmalayanur?

    From chennai, take the thiruvannamalai bus get down at gingee, from gingee to melmalayanur, it is 20 km with lot of bus

    from southern part of tamil nadu, you may have to reach villuuram to reach melmalayanur, from northern and western part of tamil nadu it is easy if you reach thiruvannamalai of Vandavasi

    i hope the information given above will give you easy access to melmalayanur

  2. Just Delay in Asking.... mother. All My Wishes were granted with out delay in no time. Just be honest! to get reward

  3. It is very powerful god.Belive and pray well and Put all your problems to the amman she will solve all the problems,though whatever complexity of the problem.
    Umamaheswaran Veerappan

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  5. FROM APRIL 2015 AMMAVASAI, "SRI ANGALA PARAMESWARI TRUST"vellore-4 tamilnadu cell:9787471791 arraged ANNADHANAM in MELMALAYANUR